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       Jack Higgins(A pseudonym used by Harry Patterson) was a soldier and then a teacher before becoming a full-time writer. The Eagle Has Landed turned him into an international bestselling author and his novels have since sold over 250 million copies and been translated into fifty-five languages. Many of them have also been made into successful films.



East of Desolation (1968)

In the Hour Before Midnight (1969) aka The Sicilian Heritage

Night Judgement At Sinos (1970)

The Last Place God Made (1971) Download

A Prayer for the Dying (1973)

The Valhalla Exchange (1976)

Storm Warning (1976)

Solo (1980) aka The Cretan Lover

Luciano's Luck (1981)

Exocet (1983)

A Season in Hell (1988)

Memoirs of a Dance Hall Romeo (1989)

Paul Chevasse

Year of the Tiger (1963)

The Keys of Hell (1965)

Midnight Never Comes (1966)

A Fine Night For Dying (1969)

Simon Vaughn

The Savage Day (1972)

Liam Devlin

The Eagle Has Landed (1975)

Touch the Devil (1982)

Confessional (1985)

The Eagle Has Flown (1991)

Dougal Munro and Jack Carter

Night of the Fox (1986)

Cold Harbour (1990)

Flight of Eagles (1998)

Sean Dillon

Eye of the Storm (1992) aka Midnight Man

Thunder Point (1993)

On Dangerous Ground (1994)

Angel of Death (1995)

Drink with the Devil (1996)

The President's Daughter (1996)

The White House Connection (1998)

Day of Reckoning (2000)

Edge of Danger (2001)

Midnight Runner (2002)

Bad Company (2003)

Dark Justice (2004)

Without Mercy (2005)

The Killing Ground (2007)

Rough Justice (2008)

A Darker Place (2008)

Wolf at the Door (2009)

The Judas Gate (2010)

A Devil is Waiting (2012)

The Death Trade (2013)

Rain on the Dead (2014)

Eye of the Storm / Thunder Point / On Dangerous Ground (omnibus) (2013)

Sean Dillon 3-Book Collection 2 (omnibus) (2013)

Rich and Jade (with Justin Richards)

Sure Fire (2006)

Death Run (2007)

Sharp Shot (2009)

First Strike (2009)

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