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       J.G. Ballard was born in 1930 in Shanghai, China where his father was a businessman. After the attack on Pearl Harbour, Ballard and his family were placed in a civilian prison camp. They returned to England in 1946. After two years at Cambridge, where he read medicine, Ballard worked as a copywriter and a Covent Garden porter before going to Canada with the RAF.

        In 1956 his first short story was published in New Worlds and he took a full-time job on a technical journal, moving on to become assistant editor of a scientific journal, where he stayed until 1961. His first novel, 'The Drowned World', was written in the same year.



The Drowned World (1962)

The Wind from Nowhere (1962)

The Drought (1964) aka The Burning World

The Assassination Weapon (1966)

The Crystal World (1966)

Love and Napalm: Export U.S.A. (1968)

Crash (1973)

Concrete Island (1974)

High-Rise (1975)

The Unlimited Dream Company (1979)

Hello America (1981)

The Day of Creation (1987)

Running Wild (1988) Download

Rushing to Paradise (1994)

Cocaine Nights (1996)

Super-Cannes (2000)

Millennium People (2003)

Kingdom Come (2006)

Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun (1984)

The Kindness of Women (1991)

Non fiction

A User's Guide to the Millennium: Essays and Reviews (1996)

Tacita Dean (2001)

Quotes (2004)

Interviews (2005)

Miracles of Life (2008)

Extreme Metaphors: Interviews with J.G. Ballard 1967-2008 (2012)

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