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U name it, V deliver it   
       A pseudonym used by Nora Roberts

       With a phenomenal career full of bestsellers, Nora Roberts was ready for a new writing challenge. As her agent put it, like Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and caffeine-free Pepsi, a pseudonym offered her the opportunity to reach a new and different group of readers. The first futuristic suspense J. D. Robb book, Naked in Death, was published in paperback in 1995, and readers were immediately drawn to Eve Dallas, a tough cop with a dark past, and her even more mysterious love interest, Roarke.


In Death

Naked in Death (1995)

Glory in Death (1995)

Immortal in Death (1996)

Rapture in Death (1996)

Ceremony In Death (1997)

Vengeance in Death (1997)

Holiday in Death (1998)

Conspiracy in Death (1999)

Loyalty in Death (1999)

Witness in Death (2000)

Judgment in Death (2000)

Betrayal in Death (2001)

Seduction in Death (2001)

Reunion In Death (2002)

Purity in Death (2002)

Portrait in Death (2003)

Imitation in Death (2003)

Divided in Death (2004)

Visions in Death (2004)

Survivor in Death (2005)

Origin in Death (2005)

Memory in Death (2006)

Born in Death (2006)

Innocent in Death (2007)

Creation in Death (2007)

Strangers in Death (2008)

Salvation In Death (2008)

Promises in Death (2009)

Kindred in Death (2009)

Fantasy in Death (2010)

Indulgence in Death (2010)

Treachery in Death (2011)

New York to Dallas (2011)

Celebrity in Death (2012)

Delusion in Death (2012)

Calculated in Death (2013)

Thankless in Death (2013)

Concealed in Death (2014)

Festive in Death (2014)

Obsession in Death (2015)

Devoted in Death (2015)

Brotherhood in Death (2016)


Silent Night (1998) (with Claire Cross, Dee Holmes and Susan Plunkett)

Bump in the Night (2006) (with Mary Blayney, Ruth Langan and Mary Kay McComas)

Dead of Night (2007) (with Mary Blayney, Ruth Langan and Mary Kay McComas)

Suite 606 (2008) (with Mary Blayney, Ruth Langan and Mary Kay McComas)

The Lost (2009) (with Mary Blayney, Patricia Gaffney and Ruth Langan)

The Unquiet (2011) (with Mary Blayney, Patricia Gaffney, Ruth Ryan Langan and Mary Kay McComas)

Mirror, Mirror (2013) (with Mary Blayney, Elaine Fox, Mary Kay McComas and R C Ryan)

In Death (Novellas)

Midnight in Death (1998)

Interlude in Death [short story] (2001)

Remember When (2003) (with Nora Roberts)

Haunted in Death (2006)

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