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       Italo Calvino was born in Cuba in 1923. He grew up in Italy. He was an essayist and journalist and a member of the editorial staff of Einaudi in Turin. In 1973 he won the prestigious Premio Feltrinelli. He died in 1985.



Adam, One Afternoon: And Other Stories (1949)

Italian Folktales (1956)

Cosmicomics (1965) Download

The Watcher: And Other Stories (1965)

T-Zero (1967) aka Time and the Hunter

Invisible Cities (1972)

The Castle of Crossed Destinies (1973)

Mr Palomar (1983)

Difficult Loves (1984)

Under the Jaguar Sun (1985)

Ten Italian Folktales (1995)

Numbers in the Dark: And Other Stories (1995)

The Complete Cosmicomics (2009)

The Queen's Necklace (2011)

Into the War (2011)

Our Ancestors

The Cloven Viscount (1951)

The Baron in the Trees (1957)

The Non-Existent Knight (1959)


The Path to the Nest of Spiders (1947)

Marcovaldo (1973)

If on a Winter's Night a Traveler (1981)

The Road to San Giovanni (1990)

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