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       Ian Watson's many novels have won innumerable prizes and awards, starting with the John W. Campbell Award and the French Prix Apollo for his first novel The Embedding. His latest, Mockymen, will be published by Golden Gryphon Press in 2003, and he has also written enough short fiction to fill eight collections. He lives in the heart of rural England with a cat.



The Embedding (1973) Download

The Jonah Kit (1975)

Orgasmachine (1976) (with Judy Watson)

The Martian Inca (1977)

Alien Embassy (1977)

The Miracle Visitors (1978)

God's World (1979)

The Gardens of Delight (1980)

Deathhunter (1981)

Alien Encounters (1982) (with Barry B Longyear)

Chekhov's Journey (1983)

Converts (1984)

Queenmagic, Kingmagic (1986)

The Power (1987)

The Fire Worm (1988)

Whores of Babylon (1988)

Meat (1988)

The Flies of Memory (1990)

Nanoware Time (1991)

Hard Questions (1996)

Oracle (1997)

Mockymen (2000)

Draco (2002)

Urban Nucleus (with Michael Bishop)

Under Heaven's Bridge (1981)

Black Current

The Book of the River (1984)

The Book of the Stars (1984)

The Book of Being (1985)


Lucky's Harvest (1993)

The Fallen Moon (1994)

Waters of Destiny (with Andy West)

Assassins (2013)

Tongue of Knowledge (2012)

Death Overflows (2012)

Series contributed to


Inquisitor (1992)

Harlequin (1994)

Chaos Child (1995)

Warhammer 40,000

Space Marine (1993)

The Mammoth Book of ... (with Ian Whates)

The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories (2010)

The Mammoth Book of SF Wars (2012)

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