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       Ian R. MacLeod is the winner of the Asimov Readers Award as well as the World Fantasy Award for his short story "The Chop Girl." His novella length version of "The Summer Isles" also won the World Fantasy Award. He is the author of The Great Wheel and Voyages by Starlight, a collection of short stories.



The Great Wheel (1997)

The Light Ages (2003) Download

The House of Storms (2005)

The Summer Isles (2005)

Song of Time (2008)

Wake Up and Dream (2011)


The Reparateur of Strasbourg (2013)


Voyages by Starlight (1996)

Breathmoss and Other Exhalations (2004)

Past Magic (2005)

Journeys (2010)

Snodgrass and Other Illusions: The Best Short Stories of Ian R. MacLeod (2013)

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