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       Anne Kristine Stuart was born on May 2, 1948 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,U.S.A., just after World War II to overeducated parents and grew up inPrinceton, New Jersey (back in the days when girls didn't go to Princeton).Her childhood was classically dysfunctional, but she managed to survive andeven thrive, helped by her love of story. She read voraciously and began towrite novels in fifth grade, usually involving technically impossible lovescenes (back then fifth graders were innocent).

        In her early 20s Anne lived for rock and roll and gothic romances. Whenthere wasn't enough of either to keep her happy she moved to Vermont towrite her first romance, a gothic entitled Barrett's Hill. It sold toBallantine and was published in 1974, when she was just 25 years old. In theensuing years she's written for almost every publisher, including Dell,Doubleday, Berkley, St. Martin's, Pocket Books, Avon, Signet, Zebra,Fawcett, Silhouette, Harlequin, and MIRA. She is the winner of RomanceWriters of America's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Anne says hasbeen writing since the dawn of time, and when she's not writing she'sfeeling guilty.

        Anne lives on 20 acres in a town in northern Vermont with her magnificenthusband of more than 25 years, Richard Ohlrogge, two wonderful teenagechildren (a boy and a girl), four cats, a springer spaniel, a satellitedish, seven televisions, six VCRs, a DVD player, six CD players, a Husqvarnasewing machine and serger. And she loves them all. Not to mention thehousehold's five computers.



Barrett's Hill (1974)

Cameron's Landing (1977)

Demonwood (1979)

Lord Satan's Bride (1981)

The Spinster and the Rake (1982)

Chain of Love (1983)

Heart's Ease (1983)

Museum Piece (1984)

Housebound (1985)

The Houseparty (1985)

Banish Misfortune (1985)

Against the Wind (1985)

Bewitching Hour (1986)

Hand in Glove (1987)

Partners in Crime (1988)

Cry for the Moon (1988)

Special Gifts (1990)

Night of the Phantom (1991)

Chasing Trouble (1991)

Heat Lightning (1992)

Now You See Him (1992)

Rafe's Revenge (1992)

One More Valentine (1993)

A Rose at Midnight (1993)

Break the Night (1993)

Shadow Dance (1993)

To Love a Dark Lord (1994)

The Soldier and the Baby (1995)

Nightfall (1995)

Moonrise (1996)

Prince of Swords (1996)

Lord Of Danger (1997)

Ritual Sins (1997)

Prince Of Magic (1998)

Shadow Lover (1999)

The Fall of Maggie Brown (2000)

Lady Fortune (2000)

Shadows at Sunset (2000)

Wild Thing (2000)

The Widow (2001)

Night and Day (2001) (with Gayle Wilson)

Still Lake (2002)

The Road to Hidden Harbor (2003)

Into the Fire (2003)

Hidden Honor (2004)

The Devil's Waltz (2006)

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes (2007) (with Jennifer Crusie and Eileen Dreyer)

Dogs and Goddesses (2009) (with Jennifer Crusie and Lani Diane Rich)

Silver Falls (2009)

Demon Count

The Demon Count (1980)

The Demon Count's Daughter (1980)


Catspaw (1984)

Catspaw II (1988)

Maggie Bennett

At the Edge of the Sun (1987)

Darkness Before the Dawn (1987)

Escape Out of Darkness (1986)

Seen and Not Heard (1988)


Black Ice (2005)

Cold as Ice (2006)

Ice Blue (2007)

Ice Storm (2007)

Fire and Ice (2008)

On Thin Ice (2011)

House of Rohan

Ruthless (2010)

Reckless (2010)

Breathless (2010)

Shameless (2011)

The Wicked House of Rohan (2010)

Scandal at the House of Russell

Never Kiss a Rake (2013)

Never Trust a Pirate (2013)

Never Marry a Viscount (2014)

Series contributed to

Men: Made in America 2

Tangled Lies (1984)

Rocky Road (1985)

Western Lovers

Blue Sage (1987)

Rancho Diablo (1990)

Men at Work

Glass Houses (1989)

Born in the USA

Crazy Like a Fox (1989)

Century of American Dreams

Angels Wings (1990)

Here Come the Grooms

Lazarus Rising (1990)


Falling Angel (1993)

More Than Men

Cinderman (1994)

A Dark and Stormy Night (1997)

Dangerous Men

Winter's Edge (1995)

Gowns Of White

The Right Man (1999)


Blind Date From Hell (2008)

The High Sheriff of Huntingdon (2011)

Under an Enchantment (2012)

Risk the Night (2013)

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