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       aka Frank Kane. Harold Robbins was a best-selling author whose novels about sex, money and power were scorned by critics and loved by readers. Raised in a New York orphanage, Robbins dropped out of school at the age of 15 and used his entrepreneurial skills to become a millionaire by the age of 20. His fortune quickly evaporated and in 1937 he went to work as a shipping clerk for Universal Pictures in Hollywood. Robbins worked his way up to the executive level and began writing novels. In 1948 he had a hit with Never Love a Stranger, and in the 1950s he began writing novels full-time. Several of his books were bestsellers, including The Carpetbaggers (1961) and The Betsy (1971), both of which were made into movies.



The Carpetbaggers (1961) Download

The Raiders (1994) Download


The Betsy (1971)

The Stallion (1996)


The Predators (1998)

The Secret (2000)

Madison Dupree (with Junius Podrug)

The Looters (2007)

The Deceivers (2008)

The Shroud (2009)

The Curse (2011)


Never Love A Stranger (1948)

The Dream Merchants (1949)

A Stone for Danny Fisher (1952)

Never Leave Me (1953)

79 Park Avenue (1955)

Stiletto (1960)

Where Love Has Gone (1962)

The Adventurers (1966)

The Inheritors (1969)

The Pirate (1974)

The Lonely Lady (1976)

Dreams Die First (1977)

Memories of Another Day (1979)

Goodbye, Janette (1981)

The Storyteller (1982)

Spellbinder (1982)

Descent from Xanadu (1984)

The Piranhas (1986)

Tycoon (1997)

Never Enough (2001)

Sin City (2002) (with Junius Podrug)

Heat of Passion (2003) (with Junius Podrug)

The Betrayers (2004) (with Junius Podrug)

Blood Royal (2005) (with Junius Podrug)

The Devil To Pay (2006) (with Junius Podrug)

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