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       aka Dr Jan Berghoff, Alan Blackwood, Thomas Luke, Anton Rimart, Angel Smith, Edward Thorne, Katherine Winston. Graham Masterton has published more than thirty-five horror novels and three short story collections: his debut novel, The Manitou, was an instant bestseller. His more recent critically acclaimed novels include The Chosen Child, Trauma, Spirit, and Prey. He is an Edgar Award and Bram Stoker Award-winner and a World Fantasy Award-nominee. In addition to his prolific fiction career, Masterton is also renowned for his bestselling sex guides, including How to Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed and Wild Sex for New Lovers. Born in Edinburgh in 1946, he lives with his wife Wiescka in a Gothic mansion in Cork, Ireland, where he is currently working on his next horror novel.



Inserts (1976) (as by Anton Rimart)

Plague (1977)

Fireflash 5 (1977) aka A Mile Before Morning

Heartbreaker (1978) (as by Katherine Winston)

The Sphinx (1978) Download

The Devils of D-Day (1978)

Charnel House (1978)

The Wells of Hell (1979) Download

Rich (1979)

The Sweetman Curve (1979)

The Hell Candidate (1980) (as by Thomas Luke)

Phobia (1980) (as by Thomas Luke)

Man of Destiny (1981)

Railroad (1981)

Famine (1981)

The Heirloom (1982) (as by Thomas Luke)

Solitaire (1982)

Tengu (1983)

Ikon (1983)

The Pariah (1983)

Condor (1984) (as by Thomas Luke)

Lady of Fortune (1984)

Maiden Voyage (1984)

Corroboree (1984)

Sacrifice (1985)

Family Portrait (1985) aka Picture of Evil

Headlines (1986)

Silver (1986)

Death Trance (1986) Download

Lords of the Air (1988)

Mirror (1988)

Ritual (1988) aka Feast

Walkers (1989)

Empress (1990)

The Hymn (1990) aka The Burning

Black Angel (1991) aka Master of Lies

Prey (1992)

The Sleepless (1993)

Flesh and Blood (1994)

Spirit (1995)

The House That Jack Built (1996)

The Chosen Child (1997)

House of Bones (1998)

Kingdom of the Blind (1998) (as by Alan Blackwood)

Plague of Angels (1999) (as by Alan Blackwood)

The Doorkeepers (2001)

Hair Raiser (2001)

Bonnie Winter (2001)

Trauma (2002)

The Hidden World (2003)

Genius (2003)

Holy Terror (2004)

The Devil in Gray (2004)

Innocent Blood (2004)

Unspeakable (2005)

Descendant (2006)

Edgewise (2006)

Chaos Theory (2007)

The 5th Witch (2008)

Ghost Music (2008)

Basilisk (2009)

Fire Spirit (2010)

Rules of Duel (2010) (with William S Burroughs)

Petrified (2011)

Community (2013)

Forest Ghost (2013)

Drought (2014)

Harry Erskine

The Manitou (1976)

The Djinn (1978)

Revenge of the Manitou (1979)

Burial (1992)

Manitou Blood (2005)

Blind Panic (2009)

Night Warriors

Night Warriors (1987)

Death Dream (1988) Download

Night Plague (1991)

Night Wars (2006)

The Ninth Nightmare (2011)


Rook (1996)

Tooth and Claw (1997)

The Terror (1997)

Snowman (1999)

The Swimmer (2001)

Darkroom (2004)

Demon's Door (2010)

Garden of Evil (2012)

Katie Maguire

A Terrible Beauty (2003) aka White Bones

Broken Angels (2013)

Red Light (2014)

Sissy Sawyer

Touchy and Feely (2005)

The Painted Man (2007) aka Death Mask

The Red Hotel (2012)

Non fiction

Acts of Love (1971) (as by Dr Jan Berghoff)

How a Woman Loves to Be Loved (1974) (as by Angel Smith)

How a Woman Longs to Be Loved (1975) (as by Angel Smith)

Isn't It Time You Did Something Kinky? (1975) (as by Angel Smith)

How to Be a Good Bad Girl (1976) (as by Angel Smith)

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