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       George Rippey Stewart was an American toponymist, a novelist, and a professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley. His 1959 book Pickett's Charge, a detailed history of the final attack at Gettysburg, was called "essential for an understanding of the Battle of Gettysburg".



Storm (1941)

Fire (1948)

Earth Abides (1949) Download

Sheep Rock (1951)

The Years of the City (1955)

Non fiction

Bret Harte: Argonaut and Exile (1931)

A Bibliography of the Writings of Bret Harte: In the Magazines and Newspapers of California 1857-1871 (1933)

Ordeal by Hunger: The Story of the Donner Party (1936)

John Phoenix, Esq: The Veritable Squibob A Life of Capt. George H. Derby, USA (1937)

Take Your Bible in One Hand: The Life of William Henry Thomes (1939)

Names on the Land (1945)

Man: An Autobiography (1946)

The Year of the Oath (1950)

U.S. 40: Cross Section of the United States of America (1953)

American Ways of Life (1954)

To California By Covered Wagon (1954)

Looking North (1957)

Looking South (1957)

The Technique of English Verse (1958)

Donner Pass and Those Who Crossed (1960)

The California Trail: An Epic with Many Heroes (1962)

Committee Of Vigilance: Revolution In San Francisco, 1851 (1964)

This California (1965)

Good Lives: The Stories of Six Men and the Good Life That Each Won for Himself (1967)

Not So Rich As You Think (1967)

Names on the Globe (1975)

Pickett's Charge: A Microhistory of the Final Attack at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863 (1983)

Concise Dictionary of American Place Names (1985)

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