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       Gail Martin was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Grove City College with a B.A. in History, and earned an M.B.A. in marketing and management information systems from The Pennsylvania State University. After nearly 20 years as a marketing executive for corporations and nonprofit organizations, she started her own consulting firm, DreamSpinner Communications. She also writes feature articles on a variety of topics for regional and national magazines. In addition to writing and consulting, Gail Martin teaches public relations writing and public speaking for the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. She is married and has three children, a Himalayan cat and a golden retriever.


Chronicles of the Necromancer

The Summoner (2007)

The Blood King (2008)

Dark Haven (2009)

Dark Lady's Chosen (2009)

Fallen Kings Cycle

The Sworn (2011)

The Dread (2012)

Ascendant Kingdoms Saga

Ice Forged (2013)

Reign of Ash (2014)

War of Shadows (2015)

Shadow and Flame (2016)

No Reprieve (2015)

Deadly Curiosities Adventure

Vanities (2013)

Wild Hunt (2013)

Dark Legacy (2013)

Steer a Pale Course (2013)

Among The Shoals Forever (2013)

The Low Road (2013)

Buttons (2013)

Coffin Box (2014)

Wicked Dreams (2014)

Collector (2014)

Bad Memories (2014)

Shadow Garden (2015)

The Restless Dead (2015)

Retribution (2015)

Jonmarc Vahanian Adventure

Raider's Curse (2013)

Caves Of The Dead (2013)

Storm Surge (2013)

Bounty Hunter (2013)

Blood's Cost (2013)

Stormgard (2013)

Monstrosities (2014)

Bad Places (2014)

Dead Man's Bet (2014)

Dark Passage (2014)

Bad Blood (2014)

Haunts (2014)

Cursed (2014)

Death Plot (2014)

Brigands (2015)

Bleak Harvest (2015)

Hard Choices (2015)

Dead Reckoning (2015)

Desperate Flight (2015)

Deadly Curiosities

Deadly Curiosities (2014)

Vendetta (2015)

Jake Desmet Adventures (with Larry Martin)

Iron and Blood (2015)

Storm and Fury Adventure (with Larry Martin)

Resurrection Day (2015)

Non fiction

Launching Your Books Without Losing Your Mind (2010)

30 Days to Social Media Success (2010)

30 Days to Online PR & Marketing Success (2011)

Selling and Promoting Your Book Online (2011)

30 Days to Virtual Productivity Success (2012)

Social Media and Mobile Apps for Authors (2012)

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