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       In addition to the popular Dracula Series, Fred Saberhagen is the author of the popular Berserker (Registered Trademark Symbol) Series and the bestselling Lost Swords and Book of Lost Swords.



Berserker (1967)

Brother Assassin (1969) aka Brother Berserker

Berserker's Planet (1975)

Berserker Man (1979)

The Ultimate Enemy (1979)

Berserker Wars (1981)

Berserker Base: A Collaberative Novel (1985) (with Poul Anderson, Edward Bryant, Stephen Donaldson, Larry Niven, Connie Willis and Roger Zelazny)

The Berserker Throne (1985)

Berserker Blue Death (1985)

The Berserker Attack (1987)

Berserker Lies (1991)

Berserker Kill (1993)

Berserker Fury (1997)

Berserker's Star (2003)

Shiva in Steel (1998)

Berserker Prime (2003)

Rogue Berserker (2005)

Berserker Death (2005)

Empire of the East

The Broken Lands (1968)

The Black Mountains (1971)

Changeling Earth (1973) aka Ardneh's World

Vlad Tepes

The Dracula Tape (1975)

The Holmes-Dracula File (1978)

An Old Friend of the Family (1979)

Thorn (1980)

Dominion (1982)

A Matter of Taste (1990)

A Question of Time (1992)

A Sharpness on the Neck (1996)

The Vlad Tapes (2000)

Mask of the Sun

The Mask of the Sun (1979)

A Century of Progress (1983)

Book of the Swords

The First Book of Swords (1983) Download

The Second Book of Swords (1983) Download

The Third Book of Swords (1984) Download

Book of the Lost Swords

Woundhealer's Story (1986) Download

Sightblinder's Story (1987)

Stonecutter's Story (1988)

Farslayer's Story (1989)

Coinspinner's Story (1989)

Mindsword's Story (1990)

Wayfinder's Story (1992)

Shieldbreaker's Story (1994)

Books of the Gods

The Face of Apollo (1998)

Ariadne's Web (2000)

The Arms of Hercules (2000)

God of the Golden Fleece (2001)

Gods of Fire and Thunder (2002)


The Golden People (1964)

The Water of Thought (1965)

The Veils of Azlaroc (1978)

Love Conquers All (1979)

Specimens (1981)

Octagon (1981)

Earth Descended (1981)

Coils (1982) (with Roger Zelazny)

The Frankenstein Papers (1986)

Pyramids (1987)

After the Fact (1988)

The White Bull (1988)

The Black Throne (1990) (with Roger Zelazny)

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) (with James V Hart)

Seance for a Vampire: Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1994)

Merlin's Bones (1995)

Dancing Bears (1996)

Pilgrim (1997)

The First Swords (1998)

The Beginning: Berserkers (1998)

A Coldness in the Blood (2002)

Ardneh's Sword (2006)

Series contributed to

Earth - Final Conflict

The Arrival (1999)

Anthologies edited

A Spadeful of Spacetime (1981)

Pawn to Infinity (1982) (with Joan Saberhagen)

Machines That Kill (1984) (with Martin H Greenberg)

An Armory of Swords (1993)

Golden Reflections (2011)

Short stories

Goodlife (1963)

Masque of the Red Shift (1965)

Mr Jester (1966)

Pressure (1967)

Inhuman Error (1974)

Martha (1976)

Smasher (1978)

Adventure of the Metal Murderer (1980)

The Bad Machines (1996)

The Senior Prom (1999)

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