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       Alistair MacLean, the son of a Scots Minister, was brought up in the Scottish Highlands. In 1941, at the age of eighteen, he joined the Royal Navy; two and a half years spent aboard a cruiser were to give him the background for 'HMS Ulysses', his first novel, the outstanding documentary novel on the war at sea. After the war he gained an English Honours degree at Glasgow University, and became a schoolmaster. In 1983, he was awarded a D. Litt. from the same university.

       Maclean is the author of twenty-nine world bestsellers and recognised as an outstanding writer in his own genre. Many of his titles have been adapted for film - 'The Guns of the Navarone', 'Force Ten from Navarone', 'Where Eagles Dare' and 'Bear Island' are among the most famous. He died in 1987.


Guns of Navarone

The Guns of Navarone (1957) Download

Force Ten from Navarone (1968) Download


HMS Ulysses (1955) Download

South By Java Head (1958) Download

The Last Frontier aka The Secret Ways (1959) Download

Night Without End (1960) Download

Ice Station Zebra (1960) Download

Fear Is the Key (1961) Download

The Golden Rendezvous (1962) Download

The Satan Bug (1962) Download

The Dark Crusader aka The Black Shrike (1962) Download

When Eight Bells Toll (1966) Download

Where Eagles Dare (1967) Download

Puppet On a Chain (1969) Download

Caravan to Vaccares (1970)

Bear Island (1971) Download

The Way to Dusty Death (1973) Download

Breakheart Pass (1974)

Circus (1975)

The Golden Gate (1976) Download

Goodbye California (1977)

Seawitch (1977) Download

Hostage Tower (1980) (with John Denis)

Athabasca (1980) Download

Air Force One Is Down (1981)

River of Death (1981) Download

Partisans (1982) Download

Floodgate (1983) Download

San Andreas (1984) Download

Santorini (1986) Download

Alistair Maclean's Death Train (1989) (with Alastair MacNeill)

Alistair MacLean's Night Watch (1989) (with Alastair MacNeill)

Alistair MacLean's Red Alert (1990) (with Alastair MacNeill)

Alistair MacLean's Time of the Assassins (1991) (with Alastair MacNeill) Download

Alistair MacLean's Dead Halt (1992) (with Alastair MacNeill)

Alistair MacLean's Code Breaker (1993) (with Alastair MacNeill)

Fire of Humiliation (1993)

Alistair MacLean's Rendezvous (1995) (with Alastair MacNeill)

Non fiction

Lawrence of Arabia (1963)

Captain Cook (1972)


The Lonely Sea (1985)

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