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       Ellen Kushner is an American writer of fantasy novels, and the host of the radio program Sound & Spirit, produced by WGBH in Boston and distributed by Public Radio International. Kushner was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. She lives in New York City with her wife and sometime collaborator.


Swords of Riverside

Swordspoint (1987)

The Privilege of the Sword (2006)

The Fall of the Kings (2002) (with Delia Sherman)


Thomas the Rhymer (1990)

St. Nicholas and the Valley Beyond (1994)

The Golden Dreydl (2007)

Short stories

The Unicorn Masque (1981)

Lazarus (1986)

Night Laughter (1986)

Mockery (1986) (with Bellamy Bach)

Sonata: For Two Friends in Different Times of the Same Trouble (1990)

The Swordsman Whose Name Was Not Death (1991)

Playing with Fire (1993)

The Hunt of the Unicorn (1995)

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (1995)

The Death of Raven (1997)

The Fall of the Kings [short story] (1997)

The Death of the Duke (1998)

Hot Water: a Bordertown Romance (1998)

The House of Nine Doors (1998)

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