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       Elizabeth Bear was born in Hartford, Connecticut. She studied English and Anthropology at the University of Connecticut, but did not graduate. She has worked as a technical writer, a stable hand, a reporter, and in various office jobs. Though she sold a few stories to small-press publications in the '90s, she only began writing seriously in 2001, and has produced numerous novels and short stories since.


Jenny Casey

Hammered (2004)

Scardown (2005)

Worldwired (2005)

Promethean Age

Blood and Iron (2006)

Whiskey and Water (2007)

Ink and Steel (2008)

Hell and Earth (2008)

One-Eyed Jack (2014)

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam (2007)

Seven for a Secret (2009)

The White City (2010)

Ad Eternum (2012)

Garrett Investigates (2012)

Jacob's Ladder

Dust (2007)

Chill (2010)

Grail (2011)

Iskryne World

A Companion to Wolves (2007) (with Sarah Monette)

The Tempering of Men (2011) (with Sarah Monette)

An Apprentice to Elves (2015) (with Sarah Monette)

Book of Iron (2013)

Edda of Burdens

All the Windwracked Stars (2008)

By the Mountain Bound (2009)

The Sea Thy Mistress (2011)

Eternal Sky

Range of Ghosts (2012)

The Shattered Pillars (2013)

Steles of the Sky (2014)

Ancestral Night

Ancestral Night (2017)


Carnival (2006)

Undertow (2007)

Karen Memory (2015)

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