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       Edward Elmer 'Doc' Smith was one of the dominant forces in the sf of the thirties and forties and continued to write into the sixties. Most of his work falls into two series of space operas--the Skylark of Space sequence and the Lensman books.

       All of this has a certain crude vigour--Smith was one of the first people in pulp sf to exploit that sense of scale in time and space that Olaf Stapledon was doing more thoughtfully in his work and Smith was one of the first sf writers whose aliens are not just human beings in strange suits; his work is clumsy and sometimes descends in the direction of kitsch, but it has its own flavour.



The Skylark of Space (1928) (with Lee H Garby)

Skylark Three (1948) Download

Skylark of Valeron (1949)

Skylark DuQuesne (1966)


Triplanetary (1934) Download

First Lensman (1950) Download

Galactic Patrol (1950) Download

Gray Lensman (1951) Download

Second Stage Lensman (1953) Download

Children of the Lens (1954) Download

The Vortex Blaster (1960) aka Masters of the Vortex Download

New Lensman (1975) (continued by William B. Ellern) Download


Subspace Explorers (1965) Download

Subspace Encounter (1983)

Family d'Alembert (with Stephen Goldin)

Imperial Stars (1976)

Stranglers' Moon (1976)

The Clockwork Traitor (1976)

Getaway World (1977)

Appointment at Bloodstar (1978) aka The Bloodstar Conspiracy Download

The Purity Plot (1978)

Planet of Treachery (1981)

Eclipsing Binaries (1983)

The Omicron Invasion (1984)

Revolt of the Galaxy (1985) Download

Lord Tedric (with Gordon Eklund)

Lord Tedric (1978)

The Space Pirates (1979)

Black Knight of the Iron Sphere (1979)

Alien Realms (1980)


Spacehounds of IPC (1947)

The Galaxy Primes (1965) Download

Masters of Space (1976) (with E Everett Evans)

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