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       E. B. White was born in New York in 1899 and died in 1985. He kept animals on his farm in Maine and some of these creatures crept into his books, such as Stuart Little which was recently made into a blockbusting film. He received many awards including the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal in 1970, an award given every five years to authors who have 'made a substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children.'



Stuart Little (1945)

Charlotte's Web (1952) Download

The Points of My Compass (1962)

The Trumpet of the Swan (1970)


The Fox of Peapack: And Other Poems (poems) (1928)

The Lady Is Cold (1928)

The Second Tree from the Corner (1954)

E. B. White Reader (1966)

Poems and Sketches of E. B. White (poems) (1981)

Non fiction

Ho-hum: Newsbreaks from the New Yorker (1931)

Another Ho-hum (1932)

Every Day Is Saturday (1934)

Quo Vadimus (1939)

One Man's Meat (1942)

The Wild Flag (1946)

The Elements of Style (1959) (with W Strunk Jr)

Is Sex Necessary?: or Why You Feel The Way You Do (1960) (with James Thurber)

Letters of E. B. White (1976)

Essays of E. B. White (1978)

Writings from the New Yorker, 1925-76 (1990)

Short stories

The Supremacy of Uraguay (1933)

The Door (1939)

The Morning of the Day They Did It (1950)

The Hour of Letdown (1952)

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