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       aka Louis J A Adams. Alexis Adams Panshin is an American author and science fiction critic. He has written several critical works and several novels, including the 1968 Nebula Award-winning novel Rite of Passage and the 1990 Hugo Award winning study of science fiction The World Beyond the Hill (written with his wife, Cory Panshin).



Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow (1975) Download

Transmutations: A Book of Personal Alchemy (1982)

New Celebrations: The Adventures of Anthony Villiers (2004) Download


Rite of Passage (1968)

Earthmagic (1978) (with Cory Panshin)

Anthony Villiers

Star Well (1968)

The Thurb Revolution (1968)

Masque World (1969)

Non fiction

Heinlein in Dimension: A Critical Analysis (1968)

SF in Dimension: A Book of Explorations (1976) (with Cory Panshin)

The World Beyond the Hill: Science Fiction and the Quest for Transcendence (1989) (with Cory Panshin)

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