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       aka Martin Hillman. Douglas was a Canadian science fiction author, editor and reviewer. He was born in Brandon, Manitoba, the son of a train driver, and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He is probably best known for his Galactic Warlord (The Last Legionary) quartet of novels, supposedly produced as the result of a challenge by a publisher to Hill's complaints about the lack of good science fiction for younger readers. His marriage produced one son, but was dissolved in 1978. He lived in Wood Green, London, and died in London after being struck by a bus at a zebra crossing. This was only the day after he completed his last trilogy.


Last Legionary

Galactic Warlord (1979) Download

Deathwing over Veynaa (1980)

Day of the Starwind (1980)

Planet of the Warlord (1981)

Young Legionary (1982)


The Huntsman (1982)

Warriors of the Wasteland (1983)

Alien Citadel (1984)


Exiles of Colsec (1984)

The Caves of Klydor (1984)

Colsec Rebellion (1985)


Blade of the Poisoner (1987)

Master of Fiends (1987)

Del Curb, Cosmic Courier

The Fraxilly Fracas (1989)

The Colloghi Conspiracy (1990)


The Lightless Dome (1993)

The Leafless Forest (1994)

The Limitless Bridge (1996)


Galaxy's Edge (1996)

The Moons of Lannamur (1996)

The Phantom Planet (1999)


Melleron's Monsters (2000)

Melleron's Magic (2001)

Perrin and Mirry

Monster Maze (2001)

Star Dragon (2002)

Demon Stalkers

Prey (2008)

Torment (2009)

Vengeance (2009)


The Exploits of Hercules (1978)

Have Your Own Extra-terrestrial Adventure (1983)

How Jennifer and Speckle Saved the Earth (1986)

Goblin Party (1988)

The Moon Monsters (1989)

Penelope's Pendant (1990)

The Unicorn Dream (1992)

The Voyage of MudJack (1993)

Penelope's Protest (1994)

World of the Stiks (1994)

Penelope's Peril (1994)

The Magical Tree-castle (1995)

Malcolm and the Cloud-Stealer (1995)

Fireball and the Hero (1995)

The Dragon Charmer (1997)

Space Girls Don't Cry (1998)

Alien Deeps (2000)

Non fiction

The Supernatural (1965) (with Pat Williams)

The Opening of the Canadian West (1967)

John Keats (1968)

Magic and Superstition (1968)

Regency London (1969)

One Hundred Years of Georgian London (1970)

Return from the Dead (1970)

Fortune Telling (1972)

Scots to Canada (1972)

English to New England (1973)

Northern Ireland (1974)

Witchcraft, Magic and the Supernatural (1974) (with Tessa Clark)

Bridging a Continent (1981) (as by Martin Hillman)


The Novels of Dashiell Hammett (1927)

The Adventures of Sam Spade: And Other Stories (1944) Download

A Man Called Spade (1944)

The Continental Op (1945)

Hammett Homicides (1946)

Dead Yellow Women (1947)

The Four Great Novels (1982)

Complete Novels (1999)

Crime Stories: And Other Writings (2001)

Dashiell Hammett: A Retrospective Anthology (2004)

Vintage Hammett (2005)

Lost Stories (2005) (with Vince Emery and Joe Gores)

Big Knockover

The Gatewood Caper (1923)

The Scorched Face (1925)

Corkscrew (1925)

The Gutting of Couffignal (1925)

The Big Knockover (1927) aka $106,000 Blood Money

This King Business (1928)

Fly Paper (1929)

Continental Op

The Tenth Clew (1924)

The House on Turk Street (1924)

The Golden Horseshoe (1924)

The Whosis Kid (1925)

The Main Death (1927)

The Farewell Murder (1930)

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