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       Douglas Coupland (pronounced KOHP-l?nd) OC OBC (born December 30, 1961) is a Canadian novelist. His fiction is complemented by recognized works in design and visual art arising from his early formal training. His first novel, the 1991 international bestseller Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture, popularized terms such as McJob and Generation X. He has published thirteen novels, two collections of short stories, seven non-fiction books, and a number of dramatic works and screenplays for film and television. A specific feature of Coupland's novels is their synthesis of postmodern religion, Web 2.0 technology, human sexuality, and pop culture.



Generation X (1991)

Shampoo Planet (1992)

Life After God (1994)

Microserfs (1995) Download

Girlfriend in a Coma (1997)

Miss Wyoming (1998)

All Families Are Psychotic (1999)

Hey Nostradamus! (2003)

Eleanor Rigby (2004)

jPod (2006)

The Gum Thief (2007)

Generation A (2009)

Player One: What Is to Become of Us (2010)

Worst. Person. Ever. (2013)

Non fiction

Lara's Book--Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider Phenomenon (1998)

Souvenir of Canada (2002)

City of Glass: Douglas Coupland's Vancouver (2003)

Souvenir of Canada 2 (2004)

Terry (2005)

Marshall McLuhan (2010)

Shopping in Jail: Ideas Essays and Stories for the Increasingly Real 21st Century (2013)

Kitten Clone: The History of the Future at Bell Labs (2014)


Polaroids from the Dead (1996)

Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People (2011) (with Graham Roumieu)

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