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       aka Andrew Harper. Douglas Clegg is the Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild Award winning author of more than a dozen novels, including the Internet's first publisher-sponsored e-serial novel, Naomi. Under a pseudonym, Clegg wrote the bestseller Bad Karma, which will be out in 2001 as a movie starring the British actress Patsy Kensit. His ebook, Purity, has reached over 100,000 readers on the Internet.

       His current print fiction includes You Come When I Call You, Mischief, and The Infinite. You Come When I Call You is also available in Rocket eBook format. Doug's upcoming print fiction includes Nightmare House, The Hour Before Dark, and The Machinery of Night. Doug was born in Virginia, but currently resides near New York City.



The Halloween Man (1988)

Goat Dance (1989)

Breeder (1990)

Neverland (1991)

Dark of the Eye (1994)

The Children's Hour (1995)

You Come When I Call You (1996)

Purity (2000) Download

Naomi (2000)

The Hour Before Dark (2002)

The Attraction (2004)

Afterlife (2004)

Isis (2006)

Harrow Academy

Mischief (2000)

The Infinite (2001)

Nightmare House (2002)

The Abandoned (2005)

Vampyricon Trilogy

The Priest of Blood (2005)

The Lady of Serpents (2006)

The Queen of Wolves (2007)

Mordred Trilogy

Mordred, Bastard Son (2006)


The Words (2009)

Belinda in the Pool (2012)

The Stain (2012)

Dinner With the Cannibal Sisters (2014)

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